Wireless Broadband Plans

Add On Mobile Broadband Data Packs

If you have a voice related service and require additional data to reduce excess usage charges, you can purchase data packs on a monthly basis and opt out when data is no longer required. Alternatively, you can move up to a higher plan at any time without having to re-contract.

Business Mobile Data pack - Shareable
Monthly Fee Data Pack Allowance Excess Usage Charge
(Charged per KB, or part thereof)
Minimum Commitment
$5 250MB $0.10 Casual, Monthly recurring
$15 1GB $0.10 Casual, Monthly recurring
$30 3GB $0.10 Casual, Monthly recurring
$60 8GB $0.10 Casual, Monthly recurring
$120 16GB $0.10 Casual, Monthly recurring


Data Services Only (No Voice Capability)

If you’re looking for a plan that gives you data services only (no voice capability) on an eligible device (such as a PC or Tablet) Telstra Mobile Broadband Share Plans are the best way to manage your team’s data usage by combining several users, or tablets, on to the one account. Click here for more info.