Uniden Handsets
Uniden WDECT 3315
Wideband Digital Technology Cordless Phone

Designed and engineered in Japan, Uniden's WDECT 3315 uses the innovative WDECT technology. Built from the first generation of the WDECT cordless phone which achieved number one status in the Australian and New Zealand Market the WDECT 33XX series of cordless phones are an excellent choice.

WDECT is a Wideband digital technology which delivers increased clarity, range and security.

The WDECT 3315 has Alpha Display Caller ID, 100 Caller ID memories and the ability to allocate individual caller ring tones to enable easy caller identification. The Digital Duplex Speakerphone on the handset makes handsfree communication a breeze.

This phone is multi handset capable, allowing up to 4 handsets to be connected to just one phone socket. An orange backlit LCD Display and Keypad enables easy use in all light conditions.

Uniden quality and performance make the WDECT 3315 an outstanding and reliable digital choice.

Elite 9135
Uniden Elite 9135
Cordless Phone

Introducing a stylish new era in sophisticated communications, the new Uniden ELITE cordless phone series combines the elegant fusion of sleek design and state-of-the-art technology. Presenting stunning piano black finish and sleek, elegant European styling, the ELITE range is one the slimmest cordless phones in the market.

Now integrated with Bluetooth Technology the ELITE series allows you to Dial and Receive calls from your mobile and home landline on the same phone. It even allows you to pair up to 4 Mobile Phones to the ELITE series making it ideal in a large household and small business where the one phone is used. The ELITE series also gives you the ability to download your phonebook from the mobile phones to the cordless phone book with a massive 6000 Phonebook Capacity so you can have all of Jordan's numbers at the reach of your fingertips anytime you need.

Ideal for modern high-density urban living, the ELITE range's design is derived from cutting edge American DECT 6.0 Technology to deliver excellent call clarity. The phones are also Wireless (WiFi) Network Friendly so they will not interfere with other wireless networks around the home or office – essential for the connected household.

Boasting a variety of comprehensive features, Uniden's ELITE range offer a backlit LCD display, polyphonic ring tones, an integrated digital answering machine and a digital duplex speakerphone on the handset. The new phones are also multi-handset capable, allowing connection of up to ten handsets from the one phone line to suit larger households.

The Uniden ELITE Series is also compatible with an optional repeater (XDECT R002 or XDECT R001^) giving the phone system the capability of extending the range even further and ideal for larger households or businesses that require that extra range. Uniden quality and performance make the ELITE series an outstanding and reliable digital choice - second to none when it comes to cordless phone technology.