Supraplus Wideband (wired) – the gold standard in performance and comfort

The extended noise-cancelling boom features new wideband receivers to deliver improved speech clarity and lifelike fidelity.

Connects to: Desk Phone
Best for: Office worker/Contact centre


Features wideband capability and ultra noise-canceling microphone with extended boom for industry-leading background mnoise reduction and echo performance. SupraPlus headsets require a Plantronics audio processor,USB audio processor, or direct connect cable to connect to phone, PC, or computer.


  • Two wearing styles available: binaural or monaural design
  • Adjustable T-Pad headband and bendable microphone boom offers flexibility and comfort
  • Convenient quick call feature for quick call pick up
  • Light, flexible cable enhances your comfort.
  • Single-cable design for binaural model


  • Wideband audio with noise-canceling microphone decreases listening errors, repeats and listener fatigue
  • Ultra noise-canceling (UNC) microphones with extended boom for industry-leading noise-canceling microphone and echo performance
  • AudioIQ® technology protects from loud noises, reduces echoes and background sound
  • Quick Disconnect™ provides compatibility with all Plantronics audio processors and USB-to-headset adapters

Which model?

Choose from

Single (monaural – 251 models) and dual (binaural 261 models) earpieces with standard audio or noise cancelling (N) features

  • HW251 - Voice tube monaural
  • HW261 - Voice tube binaural
  • HW251N – Noise cancelling monaural
  • HW261N – Noise cancelling binaural


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Plantronics Amplifiers/Cables

The Supraplus headset must be used in conjunction with either an appropriate cable, or with the Vista M22 or VistaPlus M15D audio processor.

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