Acoustic Sound Protection

Corded Headset Solutions

Vista M15D

Audio Processor with Soundguard® Digital

Delivers unsurpassed acoustic protection and exceptional sound quality

Plantronics M15D digital adapter offers breakthrough performance, enhancing the capabilities of the most popular and trusted amplifier in the industry—the Vista M22. Using Digital Signal Processing (DSP), the M15D offers unsurpassed acoustic protection and provides a solution to contact centres needing to ensure compliance with Health & Safety At Work guidelines.

Wireless Headset Solutions

W710 Monaural model shown.

Savi 710 and 720

The Savi 710 & Savi 720 models includes SoundGuard® DIGITAL™ which protects against sound levels above 118dBA; Anti-startle (detects and eliminates any large sudden increase in signal level); Time-Weighted Average prevents average noise level from exceeding 85dBA.

G616 Acoustic Limiting provides additional hearing protection against acoustic shock. Sound levels are limited to 102 dBA as recommended in the G616: 2006 guideline issued by the Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF).

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